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Treble Clef T-Shirt Handmade

About This T-Shirt

We have decorated this Clave de Sol t-shirt with (harmless) textile paint, using different techniques (brush, stamping and airbrushing). Its main design is musical symbols.

Choosing the Color of T-Shirt

We have chosen the colors of this Clave de Sol t-shirt, design to match the chromatic range of the background fabric. Textile painting has always been a privileged form of expression, since time immemorial to represent both life and the world that surrounds the human being, as well as the relationship that he had with nature and the cosmos. All the painting techniques vary according to the designs and creativity of the Yaranga artist. First of all, the artist selects the different sizes of the shirts, then begins to place them on the easels to paint them, chooses the paints, carries out the respective tests and finally begins the painting process.

Textile Paint No Toxic

This textile paint is not toxic, it is easy to handle and apply. It is resistant to washing, mixable with each other and allows to fix to the cold. We use brushes, sponges, stencils, directly from the container or with an airbrush. We use this paint to paint on fabrics, canvases or any other textile surface, such as cotton. In the Clave de Sol T-shirt we normally use cotton fabrics, which is the most important soft fiber textile in the world, extracted by producers from a plant of the same name, whose cultivation is very old. The word cotton means fine fabric and the earliest writings on this subject are found in India.

Quality of our Clave de Sol T-Shirt

100% cotton T-shirts, with a grammage between 160 and 190 gr/m2, with a reinforced collar and uniform colors, decorated with textile paint (harmless) by our artist, using different techniques (brush, printing and airbrushing) for this purpose. The main design of it is the musical symbols.

For all music lovers. Hand-painted music design.


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