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White silk scarf with impression of musical notes in black

About This Musical Foulard Design

This is a beautiful black and white scarf called Musical Foulard Design, decorated with musical motifs that you will look very well whatever your style of dress or your lifestyle, will always combine with everything and for any occasion. The material with which this foulard is made is chiffon.

What is a Foulard?

A foulard or scarf (translated from French, ‘handkerchief’) is a garment that takes as a fashion accessory. It is a fine fabric that is tied in the neck or head. It is also defined as very fine silk fabric, usually with printed drawings or neck scarf, as a scarf.

The foulard since yesteryear has been the simplest female touched, partially covering the hair, offers an image of modesty and modesty. In the sixties, an Italian creator, Emilio Pucci, manufactured the foulards in silk with bright colored motifs. His example was quickly followed by numerous manufacturers: Hermès, Versace, etc. In France, the Villa de los Foulards de Seda is located in Lyon, with a local industry present since the 16th century. André Claude Canova is one of the creators lions in silk who continues to do it traditionally by hand. Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco was recognized for being a fan of these silk accessories.

This Musical Foulard Design

The usual thing, even in this Musical Foulard Design, is that the notion refers to different garments or products that are made with this kind of fabric. A scarf, in this framework, can be a handkerchief that is used similar to a scarf. The scarf, in this way, is used around the neck. It can also be used in the head as a fashion complement. There are those who make the scarves directly from the piece of fabric. However, it should be noted that prearmed scarves are sold.

Item Details

Bufanda Chal, adult female gender, the material with which this foulard is made is silk and chiffon, tartan design, scarf length 135-175 cm.






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