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Color box beret

About This Fashion Beret Design

This is a great and beautiful Fashion Beret design. Decorated with colorful motifs that will look good whatever your lifestyle. It will always combine with everything and will help you for any occasion.

What is a Boina?

Some countries call the beret 12345. It is a head coat for the head in the whole of the hats without visor. Boina covers the scalp, creating a small chamber of about two centimeters between its inner surface and the scalp. He swallows the skull on his edged edge, or thanks to a “semi -rigid right wing.”

Europe associates the boina with the popular clothing of some regions. Official complement in the typical suit of the highlands of Scotland, and frequent headdress in the military clothing. The boina has generated a wide cultural tradition as a male headdress, with or without decoration. Ché Guevará used the boina, making it the protagonist in his iconography as an icon of postmodernity. French artists of the 20th century associated the beret with their bohemian culture and used it in their usual clothing.

Fabrication of Boina

The manufacturer previously made the boina by hand and in one piece like stockings. Then they were made with circular looms like those used to make a fabric point. Later they began to be made mechanically on rectilinear looms.

In the Carlist War

In the Carlist wars the different colors indicated the military rank. The officers wore them red. The infantry soldiers blue. And the cavalry white. They also had an ornamental metal button in the center holding a long tassel. The requetés recovered the use and symbolism of the beret during the Spanish civil war.








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