Inspired by Sand THE Sea & Sounds
Unique Handmade T-shirts, Hats & Gifts

Inspired by Sand the Sea & Sounds
Unique Handmade T-shirts, Hats & Gifts

Inspired by Sand, the Sea & Sounds
Unique Handmade T-shirts, Hats & Gifts

something different

Our Specialties


Yaranga is a totally different store, in which we offer unique pieces of clothing and accessories of original design of our brand, which are a true differentiation between the conventional and the everyday. Our T-shirts, caps and shirts are the most outstanding products because they have very specific designs and are made “one by one”. In the line of designs we also include products using serial processes such as screen printing, vinyl and tranfers. We are able to make designs  for Tshirts and other special products for groups, artists, athletes, uniforms and companies


We use innocuous and ecological products for our production.

funny ideas

Fun Ideas can be applied to T-shirts, such as pectoral muscles that can be displayed without going to the gym.

Ancient patterns

Ethnic patterns come from the symbols used by the Guanches and other aborigines of the Canary Islands.

Music is our life

Music is our life and our passion, that’s why we paint T-shirts with different designs with musical notes and instruments.

Tenerife lovers

For lovers of Tenerife, the spectacular landscape of Teide with its main elements, painted with an airbrush.

Featured Products

Our star products are t-shirts and shirts. All can be combined with caps, berets and hats, to have an exclusive design.

gift to all

Some of our clients from Tenerife wanted to send a gift to all the members of a family in Malaga, but they wanted it to be something emblematic of Tenerife and useful for each and every one of them. They asked us if we could paint the Teide T-shirts for them in different sizes, from mum, dad, three little brothers and a brother who was about to arrive. Indeed, our answer was immediate and affirmative. We got down to work and the result was spectacular. The family from Malaga was delighted with their gift, our customers from Tenerife scored a great success and we have contributed to spread joy and happiness of satisfied customers and families. Thank you for choosing us.

power of sounds

The power of sounds is everywhere, it is the main thing that music has in all its artistic expressions. We have a special connection with music and people who share our tastes and hobbies for this spectacular expression of art. That is why we wanted to capture images allusive to music on our t-shirts, caps, barets and hats. With this collection of images we want to share our love of music with everyone. 

Artist Collaboration

In addition to our own handcrafted products, we also have a collection of products made by other artisans and artists on our island. They are products in which great artistic work and excellent quality have been put. 

“Wearing a handpainted Yaranga T-shirt is always make us fun. We are music lovers and we will never hide it again. Thank you Yaranga Team!”

Edina & Zoltan

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